August 22, 2019
Blog Post

How is FoodMaven transforming the food system?

Every year, an average of $200 billion revenue is lost in our food system from wasted food alone. That combined with the fact that one third of farmers in the economic red zone and millions of people in our country who are food insecure leave room for transformation in our food system.

FoodMaven Director of Marketing, Julian Flores explains the three ingredients that will transform the food system: supporting farmers, preventing waste, and fighting hunger.

By working directly with local farmers and ranchers, we can help expand their access to commercial kitchens, an alternative to solely relying on farmers markets.

Additionally, perfectly good oversupply and out-of-spec ingredients often are left in the fields or end up in landfills, negatively impacting our environment. This is a result of standards consumers expect from grocery stores, like expecting full grocery shelves, leading to a system that demands more product than can ever be used. On top of that, not all product looks perfect, and it ends up without a plate. However, chefs don’t need perfect looking product since it’s going to be diced, sliced and cooked up anyway.

In a world of so much waste, how can we also have so many hungry people? By implementing zero waste policies, anything that doesn’t rapidly sell is donated to hunger relief organizations. No one should go hungry when there is so much uneaten food ending up in landfills. Check out this video from Kroger’s Wellness Your Way Denver Festival to learn how FoodMaven is trying to fix this broken system.

If you’re interesting in featuring high-quality ingredients that make an impact for your foodservice business, learn more about buying with FoodMaven.