October 22, 2020
Blog Post

Sustainability Blogs You Should Follow

The saying goes that we don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly, but millions of people doing it imperfectly. At FoodMaven, we talk a lot about sustainability, from within the fields to on your plates at restaurants. However, that’s just one small piece of the puzzle to creating a better food system. From plastic food packaging to food waste, our choices and actions have a big impact on the environment and our communities.  

We pulled together some of our favorite food waste and sustainability blogs to help you identify small steps to make a difference, whether at home or in a foodservice operation. 

Zero Waste Chef 
Beginning her journey as a plastic-free home chef, the Zero Waste Chef is now close to hitting zero waste in her kitchen. With blog topics about farmer’s markets and unsustainable flaws in the supply chain, the Zero Waste Chef helps readers be conscious of how our activities still indirectly produce waste, even if we have little to none in the kitchen. Additionally, next year is the release of her first cookbook filled with plant-forward recipes and tips for a sustainable kitchen.  

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Trash is for Tossers 
Could you fit a year’s worth of trash into a 16oz mason jar? Probably not, but that’s exactly what Lauren Signer did two years before founding Trash is for Tossers. Her blog and Zero Waste shop, Package Free, is designed to help people live a most sustainable life through education, tools, and resources. She’s been featured in The New York Times, NPR, CNN, and more.

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Upcycled Food Association 
“Upcycled foods” isn’t just a trendy term on food packaging. It’s a movement based around the idea that we can repurpose foods that otherwise would have gone to waste. Because of that, upcycled food positively impacts producers who are selling more product, food businesses who can show their commitment to sustainability, and consumers looking for simple ways to help the planet. The Upcycled Food Association is a non-profit promoting this movement through research, strategy, networking, and policy advocacy. Their blog is a comprehensive look at how we can use the idea of upcycled food in all parts of the food supply chain. 

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Zero Waste Nerd 
Megean started her Zero Waste journey and blog with the hope of becoming more connected to her food, strengthening relationships, and improving the quality of her life. She shares, “The point isn’t measuring the amount of physical trash one produces into a tiny vessel. It’s about changing a mentality – a perspective. How do we make better choices, how do we tread a little lighter on this Earth?” 

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The Kind Planet 
From her experiences working on an organic farm and caring for the environment, Eva came to a stark realization one day that she was not truly living out her environmental values. Now Eva runs the Green Team for a natural foods store and documented in her blog what she’s learned about impacting the planet in our home and through your place of work. 

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The Zero Journey 
Blogging as a German living in Canada, the woman behind The Zero Journey teaches at a non-profit environmental organization. Her blog brings awareness to the current state of the environment and how we can change our habits to be more connected with our world.  

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4 the Greater Good 
Named after the idea of good people, good products, good companies, and good ideas working together, this blog is an example of how people and businesses need to work together to design powerful solutions that can make a big impact. This is a great resource for discovering inspirational people, recommended sustainable products, companies making a difference, and simple ideas that make the world a better place. 

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