What is the process?

First, you notify us of your available product. Then, we pick-up, store in our temperature controlled warehouses, market, and sell to our customers. We send a monthly sales report that includes your revenue as well as any existing inventory on hand or donations.

Who will end up with my food?

We sell your product to restaurants and institutional food service customers (e.g. schools and hospitals). We do not sell into retail channels. Anything that doesn’t sell gets donated to hunger alleviation groups. Since we don’t send anything to the dump, product not fit for donation goes to animal feed or compost.

How will my products end up at their destination?

The FoodMaven Marketplace leverages big data to find buyers for your product. We offer full-service, local logistics with a fleet of refrigerated trucks and vans as well as our own temperature controlled distribution centers.

Do I have to pay anything?

You don’t have to pay to work with us. There are no hidden fees.

Do I have to do anything to help sell my product?

Our sales team is committed to finding a buyer for your food. You don’t have to do anything, but we are open to collaboration on sales and marketing if you want to stay involved.

What if the product has a limited shelf life?

We are able to sell and deliver product rapidly.

How does consignment work with FoodMaven?

You maintain title of your product while we take possession. We pay you for anything sold each month, and let you know what we still have in our inventory, as well as anything donated. Since we work on consignment, tax credits for donations will go directly back to you.