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Cook with Colorado chef, Chef Cupples and Amber Strohauer, 4th generation farmer, in this unique virtual event featuring local Strohauer Farm fingerling potatoes and local Fagerberg onions.

Mines Dining and FoodMaven began a partnership in fall of 2020 with a goal of integrating more Colorado grown produce into campus dining, including Strohauer potatoes and Fagerberg onions. When you dine with us, you make a positive environmental and social impact in our community.


FoodMaven sells high-quality, local, oversupplied and out-of-spec food from distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants and institutional kitchens at a significant discount. They leverage an efficient online marketplace and an agile logistics model to make sure all products gets sold, donated or sent to environmentally conscious alternatives.


The Fagerberg family has been grow􏰃ing onions on the Eastern slope of the Rock􏰂 Mo􏰀untains since the 1940s. They are a community oriented family owned company recognized for their water conservation efforts and sustainable farming practices.


The Strohauer farm opened up in 1910 in East Greeley, Colorado after John Strohauer immigrated from Germany to fulfill his dream of running a farm. Now, as a 4th generation, family owned farm, Strohauer Farms believes in meeting the demands for better food using modern, sustainable resources.


Recipe by Chef Hannah Cupples

Hannah Cupples began her apprenticeship at the Broadmoor Hotel, and upon graduating, spent a season in Aspen working at a world-renowned resort hotel. She spent the next 2.5 years as the Chef de Cuisine at IV by Brother Luck, and then left to pursue opening her own business. She now works full-time as a Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant in the Colorado Springs area.



1 LB of Strohauer fingerling potatoes
1-2 C all-purpose flour
1 egg
1 pinch kosher salt


1 bell pepper
1/2 yellow Fagerberg onion
1 garlic clove
2 T tomato paste
1 T paprika
1/4 C red wine (optional)
1 C vegetable stock
4 OZ ground pork or lamb (optional)


For Kopytka, begin by placing the fingerling potatoes in cold, salted water. Bring water to a boil and allow potatoes to come to a boil. Turn the water down and allow to simmer for about 10mins, or until potatoes are fork-tender. Drain water from potatoes and begin removing their skins by gently pinching each side. Discard skins. Place potatoes into a bowl and begin to mash, using a ricer if you have one. If not, mash as finely as possible with a whisk or spatula, until there are no more lumps.

Allow to cool to room temp, then add in the egg and mix until fully incorporated. Fold in flour ½ C at a time, mixing fully after each addition. Add enough flour that the dough comes together without sticking to the sides of the bowl. Roll into a ball, dust lightly with flour, then wrap in plastic wrap. Place into the fridge for 1hr, or as long as 8hrs (longer than this may cause discoloration of the potato).

Once rested, remove dough from fridge and portion into manageably sized pieces. Roll each piece out to about a thumb’s width, then chop on a diagonal with a dough knife to form the signature “hoof” shape. Place onto a floured sheet tray, gently coating each batch with a dusting of flour.

If cooking immediately, drop dumplings into boiling water for about 3mins, or until they float. If cooking later, freeze dumplings on the floured sheet tray completely before transferring them to a plastic bag. Keeps for up to 1mo frozen.

For Gulasz, thinly slice all vegetables. Add 2T oil to a shallow pan and begin sweating vegetables over low heat. Once the onions are translucent, add in the tomato paste and paprika and mix until fully incorporated. When the paste mixture begins to fry to the bottom of the pan, deglaze with the red wine, scraping with a spatula or wooden spoon to remove the fond. Reduce the wine down until no alcohol remains, then add in the stock and simmer to your desired consistency. Keep in mind, if you simmer the Kopytka in the sauce, it will thicken even further. Serve immediately.

NOTE: If making Pork or Lamb Gulasz, use 4oz of meat for each recipe. Fully cook the meat first, then cook the sauce as written above. Oil may be eliminated in place of the oil by the fat provided by the meat.


Recipe by Amber Strohauer, 4th generation farmer

After graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Amber returned to the family farm, Strohauer Farms, in 2015. Amber is the cook of the house and is always creating new potato recipes.

This is the ultimate cleaning out the fridge that makes for a complete meal that truly satisfies :) The idea is to use whatever you have in your fridge or kitchen, but follow the recipe for ideas and structure. Your cowboy hash can easily be made vegetarian, but for those true cowboys, feel free to throw in any leftover meats, such as ham, bacon, shredded pork, brisket, steak... yum!


1 1/2 - 2 LBs of Strohauer fingerling potatoes (TIP: I also recommend storing your potatoes in the fridge and not around onions or garlic)
1 Fagerberg onion (any color or Stroahuer shallot)
1-2 jalapeno peppers
1 bell pepper (any color)
6 or so garlic cloves
Cheddar cheese (I love grating cheese for that oh-so-good freshness)
High-heat cooking oil (I use Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil or avocado oil)
Broth (veggie, chicken, beef, or even just use water)
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Paprika (smoked is also amazing)
Fresh or dried herbs (like parsley) for garnish
Hot sauce of your choosing
*Other great options: tomatoes, mushrooms, chard, spinach, scallions, leftovers


First, get your fingerling potatoes going. Wash, then cut them into small pieces. Leave the skins on for all that nutrient goodness. Fill a microwave-safe bowl with a little water, toss your chopped fingerlings in there and cook for 6 minutes in the microwave. Chop and dice all your other veggies. Grate your cheese if needed.

NOTE: You'll notice in the video my red onion has started sprouting. That yellow in the middle. As we're talking about food waste, this is a great opportunity to mention that onions, shallots, garlic - they are going to sprout over time, and it's completely ok to still use them. Especially a yellow sprout. When it starts to turn more green, maybe consider being more careful and working around it. I chopped my onion as normal here, and then tried pulling out as many of the yellow sprout pieces as possible. They can be a little more bitter, but since we're sauteing for a long time here, I wasn't too worried on the taste. Also to note, potatoes sprout over time as well, so when that happens, just use your fingerlings and rub those sprouts right off. Super easy!

Add some cooking oil to a skillet on medium-high heat. Once warmed up, start sauteing your onions and peppers. Cooking for about 8 minutes or so, until softened, stirring occasionally. You want your onions translucent and the peppers softened. A little burned edging makes this more of a ranch hash anyways. Perfection is not the goal here.

Reduce your heat to medium. Add in your chopped fingerlings. Start stirring. Add in your seasoning, as well as slowly add in some water or broth. This is also a good time to add in your garlic. You'll keep stirring occasionally until your potato pieces have become crispy on the outside. This usually takes about 15 minutes or so, depending on how many fingerling potatoes you used.

Now, you can stop right there and add some cheese for that extra goodness OR elevate the hash by making 2-4 small openings in the skillet, breaking eggs, and then adding your skillet to the oven for 10 minutes at 350°.

Complete your hash with any extra seasoning, add some more cheese to top, some chopped fresh herbs like parsley and of course, your favorite hot sauce. Enjoy ~ preferably with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning or a glass or red wine or whiskey in the evening.


Once you've made a cowboy hash, you can make some incredible burritos to have for the week!


Your cowboy hash
Scrambled eggs
Cooked chorizo, sausage, steak, or bacon (optional)
Green salsa
Grated cheese
Hot sauce, if desired


Once you've made a cowboy hash, you can make some incredible burritos to have for the week. On a big tortilla (TIP: wrapped in a damp paper towel, microwave for a few seconds to soften and bring out the freshness in your tortilla), add in a little of your hash, some scrambled eggs (love mixing the salsa verde in while cooking these towards the end), cooked chorizo, sausage or bacon, and you can even add in a little hot sauce.

Top with some cheese for that gooey inside. Roll up your burrito by folding in the sides first, then making sure to roll as tightly as possible. I like to add my burrito back to the skillet for a minute or so on each side to brown up the burrito and combine the ingredients all together with heat. Top your burrito with salsa verde or your favorite salsa, tomatoes, whatever you like! Enjoy :)