January 17, 2019

What the Anderson Beef Acquisition Means for You

We are excited to announce that FoodMaven acquired Anderson Beef on January 11, 2019! 

Founded in 1976, Anderson Beef distributes custom, fresh beef products in Colorado to a variety of customers spanning the Front Range and mountain communities in the foodservice and hospitality industries.  

This acquisition fits with our commitment to provide high-quality food in a way that builds the local food community while making a positive impact on the environment. Anderson’s business aligns with our model by being a local distributor of high-quality, natural food to restaurants and institutions. We are excited to bring the consistency and quality of the Anderson products to our customers and introduce Anderson customers and suppliers to the opportunity to make an impact and improve their businesses by capturing oversupply, imperfect and local products.

Given Anderson is a processer as well as distributor, we can continue to deliver on our vision of “All food used with good purpose” by capturing and processing otherwise lost food—in this case, lost meat—and redistribute it as part of our better stewardship of food.  

With the acquisition of Anderson, FoodMaven will soon be able to offer fresh meat, customized cuts and a variety of new products on an everyday basis, including: 

  • Custom-blend ground beef, pork and lamb 
  • Premium cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken 
  • Grass-fed and Never Ever beef options 
  • Seafood such as trout, salmon, cod, snapper and shrimp 
  • Sausage, ham, bacon, turkey and more 

Your sales rep can give you details on when these products will be available for purchase. 

We are excited for what Anderson and FoodMaven can do together to provide you with the quality and service you expect and the opportunity to realize even greater value and impact.  


The FoodMaven Team 


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