January 18, 2019

Congrats to the 2018 Impact Award Winners

We announced the winners of our first annual 2018 FoodMaven Impact Awards at our recent customer-appreciation event. We created these awards to recognize the businesses that are making the most impressive environmental, economic and social impact in our Colorado community just by purchasing through FoodMaven.

Meet the 2018 winners:  

Grand prize: Fast Fit Foods of Colorado Springs for overall highest impact (Charles Arenas and Tillman Huett of Fast Fit Foods are pictured above). 

  • Meals donated to hunger relief: 7,492
  • CO2 averted: 16 tons
  • Revenue generated for local suppliers: $39,460


Regional Winner | Denver: Lansdowne Arms in Highlands Ranch 

  • Meals donated: 2,487 meals
  • CO2 averted: 5.2 tons


Regional Winner | Colorado Springs: Texas T-Bone  

  • Meals donated: 4,910 meals
  • CO2 averted: 10.2 tons


Friend to the Farmers Winner: Just Be Kitchen, Denver 

  • Most revenue spent supporting local producers—$13,719


MVPB or Most Valuable Produce Buyer: Casey’s Bistro & Pub, Denver 

  • In recognition for supporting Frost Farm by ordering onions damaged by hail.Frost Farm in Fountain, Colorado, was hit hard by a hail storm in August 2018 and their entire onion crop was heavily damaged. FoodMaven’s customers supported this family farmer by purchasing the hail-damaged (but usable) onions and helping them survive until the next season. 
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