How it Works  

FoodMaven is a new innovative food distributor capturing local and oversupply food that would otherwise never make it to consumer, from trusted local food growers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers, making this high-quality food available to food service buyers like you.

Transforming the Food System

Due to distribution inefficiencies, abundance expectation, limited market access for local producers, and cosmetic standards, billions of tons of quality food gets “lost” in the system. We are working to revolutionize distribution to ensure all this awesome food gets to those who want it.

save money, save food

Partnering with local growers, we’re bringing locally-produced food directly from the farm to your kitchen at prices you can afford. Using FoodMaven to access both local and oversupply food as a complement to your existing supplier, you save an average of 50% off wholesale prices on every order.

good for people, good for the planet

FoodMaven finds environmentally and socially enlightened solutions for food that would otherwise never be eaten. Committed to donating 25% of our inventory to local communities in need, we’re working to make hunger and food waste a thing of the past. Join us.