January 24, 2019
Blog Post

Chef Jeff’s Passion for Good Food, Farmers, and the Environment Come Together at Alchemy

Jeff Fryer has always loved cooking for family. His Caribbean mother taught him how to cook at an early age and he has been sharing his kitchen creations ever since. Then he became a cook in the U.S. Army, feeding mess halls filled with his band of brothers and sisters. All of Jeff’s culinary influence and experience melded together when he began feeding his Colorado Springs community at Alchemy, which has become family.

Alchemy is an Irish-influenced gastropub in Old Colorado City that Executive Chef Jeff says is more “gastro” than “pub.” His menu offers elevated traditional pub food crafted from fresh, local ingredients, like his smoked salmon with a lavender-honey glaze and Scotch eggs with the Creole kick of andouille sausage.

Chef Jeff is as passionate about supporting local farmers and lessening his impact on the environment as he is feeding people.

“I decided to work with FoodMaven, because I like their zero-waste initiative,” Jeff says. “I’m also a big fan of supporting anything local that I can. A lot of my customers look for menu items that support local farmers.” FoodMaven helps chefs reduce their environmental impact and get more farm-to-table items on their menus. FoodMaven does this by capturing oversupply, imperfect and hard-to-access local foods and offering it to restaurants at below-market prices.

“By working with Food Maven, we’ve saved over $3,000 in the past couple of years. And when it comes to food costs, that equates to a lot.” —Chef Jeff 

One of the products that’s helping Chef Jeff keep costs down is local corned beef. “We’re saving 50% on that corned beef, and it’s a higher quality one than we used to get,” Jeff says. “So a lot of the customers are really appreciative of the better quality.” 

Chef Jeff is also happy that FoodMaven donates any unsold food to Colorado hunger-relief organizations. “Alchemy donates to food banks, too, so I’m glad I found a partner that’s also committed to helping the less fortunate in our community,” Jeff says. “It feels good to buy food from a company that cares.”

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