Who is FoodMaven? What do you do?

FoodMaven is a new, enlightened way to source food. We help restaurant and foodservice buyers save on high-quality ingredients while protecting the environment, supporting local producers and feeding the hungry—all through an easy-to-use online marketplace.

Who can purchase from FoodMaven?

FoodMaven serves a range of restaurants and commercial kitchens, including institutions, caterers, hospitality and more in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas. For our expansion into the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, join the waitlist. Not in these areas? Contact us for future openings.

What do you carry? Can I get an inventory list?

We carry a variety of protein, produce, dairy, dry goods, snacks, and beverages. Given the nature of our business, our inventory can vary. Check out our product list for the last month as an example of what we typically carry. You can also sign up for the Marketplace or call us at 800.821.3194, x2 to see our current offerings.

How do you source your food? What is “lost” food?

FoodMaven sells high-quality local, oversupplied and imperfect food we responsibly source from distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants, institutional kitchens, caterers and other foodservice businesses.

  • Oversupply is a surplus of food that meets the expectation that everything should always be in stock at stores.
  • Imperfects are perfectly good foods that fall short of cosmetic requirements, are short-dated, have minor labeling issues, etc.
  • Local food that is locally produced and doesn’t have easy market access.

We also source and carry everyday products from traditional distributors as a convenience to our customers. To learn more about local, oversupplied and imperfect food, visit our sourcing page.

How consistent is your inventory?

FoodMaven strives to offer consistent inventory for our customers. We typically have more than 500 products, which includes always stocked products as a convenience to our customers and oversupply, imperfect, and local products. Check out our product list for what we typically carry each month.

Is your food high-quality?

Absolutely—we stand behind the quality of our products and will resolve any issues to make sure you’re satisfied. FoodMaven’s quality assurance team checks all of our products to ensure they meet our high-quality standards. They meet all the safety standards required by the state and maintain two FDA-registered facilities that meet the safety standards of the FDA (which are higher than the state).

What health and safety standards do you follow? Are your facilities safe and inspected regularly?

We are regulated by the State of Colorado as a wholesale business. We have a strong reputation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We make sure to meet all the safety standards required by the state. We maintain two FDA-registered facilities that meet the safety standards of the FDA (which are higher than the state).

How are your products priced compared to other suppliers’ products? How can FoodMaven offer such great value?

FoodMaven typically offers products up to 50% off the market price. Discounts can vary based on the category, the product source and the condition of the product. You’ll get all key information to understand how the price was set and then compare it against market price for most products. In some cases, there isn’t a comparable market price available, but we will always be price competitive. Because the food we sell was “lost” in the system, suppliers have already determined that they are going to lose most or all of the value. The big food system is not flexible and a lot of high-quality food ends up lost or is destined for a landfill. We’re able to capture this food and leverage this situation to sell it at a substantial discount.

How do you deliver and what are your delivery terms and fees?

FoodMaven’s delivery capabilities are similar to that of a traditional distributor with a robust delivery fleet. However, in most cases, we offer certain advantages: next-day delivery, no minimum orders and no delivery fees. Delivery is free to most of the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas. See a map of areas that require order minimums or delivery fees.

How do I order? When do I order?

Our online Marketplace is similar to your favorite e-commerce shopping site. Once you’re signed up, just search for products, add them to your cart, select your delivery date and time, and check out. We make it easy:

  • No commitments or contracts required to shop the Marketplace.
  • Pay as you please: credit card, PO, COD or invoice.
  • Order online anytime and select your delivery date and time.

Not ready for online ordering? We’ll also work with you directly or over the phone.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by credit card, purchase order, cash on delivery or invoice with net 30.

What are my purchase obligations?

FoodMaven doesn’t require contracts or obligations. You can order as needed. We even provide a $50 gift card on your first purchase to get you started.

What type of impact does FoodMaven make?

Through our new way of sourcing, FoodMaven has a significant impact on the environment and people in the community. With each purchase, you:

  • Support a zero-waste landfill policy.
  • Eliminate CO2 and methane from contributing to climate change.
  • Help hunger relief by donating any food we can’t sell.
  • Support local business, such as farmers, ranchers and producers.

To see our impact to date, check out our impact scorecard. We also let our customers know the impact they’ve made on a monthly and annual basis.

Who else are you working with?

We currently work with hundreds of restaurant and institutional kitchen customers throughout the Front Range, including Humboldt Farm Fish Wine, Texas T-Bone Steakhouse, Stout Street Social, Mountain Sun Pub & Breweries, CU Campus Dining Services, Alchemy Gastro Pub, Jack’s Bar & Grill, Steamer’s Coffeehouse, Great Harvest Bread Co., Alfalfa’s Local Market and Oliver’s Deli.

Does FoodMaven replace my current supplier? What if I have obligations with my current supplier?

FoodMaven is designed to be a complement to your current supplier. Most of our customers check our online marketplace for great deals before they place an order with their regular supplier. Even if you have a contract with a regular supplier, you should be able to purchase with FoodMaven as those agreements allow for a certain percentage of non-contractual purchases.

What is your Return Policy?

FoodMaven is committed to providing you with high-quality foods at unbeatable prices and an exceptional level of service. Below you will find the steps, requirements and time limits for returning product, including what happens at the time of your delivery to ensure order accuracy.


At the Time of Delivery

• FoodMaven’s driver assists in ensuring you receive what was ordered by answering your delivery-specific questions.

• Review your order in its entirety while the driver is present to make sure the products received are correct and the quality is to your satisfaction.

• Any item can be rejected at the time of delivery for full credit by annotating the invoice and returning the product to the driver.

• Your signature on the invoice denotes acceptance of the delivery minus any items annotated as rejected.

• Any rejection at the time of delivery will be reflected on your final invoice.



• Contact your Sales Representative or FoodMaven Customer Support (800.821.3194, ext. 1, or [email protected]) to report an issue post-delivery.

• In response, a FoodMaven Sales Representative and/or Customer Support will work with you to satisfactorily resolve your post-delivery issue.


Requirements for Credit Requests

• To be eligible for credit, all items must be in their original, undamaged, unopened packaging with no markings from you.

• To be eligible for credit post-delivery for refrigerated and frozen items, you must provide a temperature log that shows the product was stored at the proper temperature. Consult the local health department for acceptable temperature tolerances or USDA guidelines.

• Requests for credit that do not involve the return of an item or the return of items in opened packaging must be reported directly to a FoodMaven Sales Representative and/or Customer Support.


Post-Delivery Return Limits

• Fresh/Refrigerated Proteins, Produce, Cheese, Dairy and Miscellaneous: These items cannot be returned post-delivery and must be refused at time of delivery.

• Frozen Proteins: These items must be refused at time of delivery or a return requested within 48 hours of the date of delivery to be eligible for credit.

• All Other (except Proteins) Frozen Foods: These items must be refused at time of delivery or a return requested within 7 days of the date of delivery to be eligible for credit.

• Canned and Dry Goods: These items must be refused at time of delivery or a return requested within 14 days of the date of delivery to be eligible for credit.

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