March 25, 2019
Blog Post

Meet the Happy, Healthy Hens Behind Amish Acres’s Eggs

If you can’t keep a chicken coop, the next-best thing is getting Amish Acres’ farm-fresh, free-range eggs delivered to your restaurant or commercial kitchen. In 2017, Joseph Bontrager’s love of animals and dream of staying home with his wife and three young children came true when he built a solar-powered barn to raise chickens sustainably in Westcliffe, Colorado, just east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

The family-owned and operated farm now has over 2,000 happy hens who roam freely on their six acres of forage pasture.

When it’s cold, the ladies head inside the barn to keep warm, stay safe from predators, and peck at fresh barley sprouts and non-GMO feed. This produces healthier hens and higher quality, better-tasting eggs with a richer flavor than factory-farmed eggs. The Bontrager family collects, handwashes, and sanitizes the brown eggs before candling, grading, and boxing them up for delivery. FoodMaven began working with Amish Acres to bring more foodservice buyers these farm-fresh, free-range eggs. Try Amish Acres local eggs to taste the difference they will make in your dishes.