February 12, 2021
Blog Post

2020 Maven Award Winners

2020 has been one of the most challenging times for farmers, suppliers, restaurants, and those food insecure in our communities. Therefore, we want to celebrate a group of FoodMaven partners who showed perseverance, creativity, and dedication to the mission “all food used with good purpose” with our 2020 Maven Awards.  

Maven of the Year: Boulder Valley School District, Colorado

FoodMaven is honored to award Maven of the Year to Boulder Valley School District. Over the past year they diverted seven tons of food from landfills, equaling five tons of CO2 emissions. As a result we donated 617 pounds of food to local non-profits on their behalf. Additionally, Deb Trevor, District Manager of Procurement, and her team went above and beyond to provide thousands of boxed meals for low-income families impacted by the pandemic.   

Best Supporter of Local: El Rio Grande Latin Market, Dallas-Fort Worth

One of the biggest ways FoodMaven can make a positive impact is by working with local farmers, ranchers, and producers. As our first year in Dallas-Fort Worth, we were excited to increase access to local ingredients to buyers like El Rio Grande, a Latin supermarket chain. We work with one of their locations to supply local Halal beef and other products that their customers care about. They alone gave back $15,206 to local producers in 2020! 

Saved the Most Money: L&L Hawaiian BBQ, Colorado

By rescuing food that would otherwise be thrown away, we are able to pass on big savings to our customers. This past year, lowering costs to meet margins has never been more important. L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Colorado saved $23,648 by working with FoodMaven. James Cowdery, FoodMaven Account Executive, shares, “Eva and Bob have always been very successful business owners. They always stay up to date on the best pricing to ensure they keep their pricing competitive for customers.” 

Best New Customer: Butcher’s Choice, Colorado

The FoodMaven team has awarded Butcher’s Choice as our 2020 Best New Customer because of their dedication to our mission and supporting our local processing operations. Butcher’s Choice is a family-owned business who came to us for our processing capabilities and the high-quality of our cuts. Owner, Rob Daugherty currently exclusively sources from FoodMaven and is looking to grow his business around the U.S. 

Most Sustainable Customer: Alfalfa’s Market, Colorado

As a mission driven company, FoodMaven likes to take the opportunity each year to award a customer who incorporates sustainable practices in all aspects of their business. Alfalfa’s Market has been a long-time customer and truly sets a great example for the industry. FoodMaven Account Executive Josh Weist states, “Alfalfa’s is a true natural and local grocer that has always been a leader in sustainable living, whether through supporting local farms, fundraisers or events, and even their full recycle/compost initiative.”  

Supplier of the Year: Strohauer Farms, Colorado

Located in Greely, Colorado Strohauer Farms has been one of FoodMaven’s strongest local suppliers for over three years. FoodMaven distributes #1 and #2 potatoes and shallots to local universities, restaurants, and hotels. They are true stewards of the land and 4th generation farmer Amber Strohauer is dedicated to sharing our mission at events and in connecting us with other farming communities.   

Non-Profit Partner of the Year: Stout Street, Colorado

FoodMaven believes that no food should go to waste when there is so much food insecurity in our neighborhoods. That’s why we partner with local non-profits to donate high-quality, impact ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills. FoodMaven began working with Stout Street in 2020 to support their mission of providing a therapeutic community to people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Ben Deda, FoodMaven CEO, shares, “We are proud to be a part of making anyone’s life better by getting them delicious food they need. Together we have provided 2,460 meals to residents at Stout Street in 2020.”