January 6, 2020
Blog Post

2019: A Year in Review

The past 365 days at FoodMaven have led to exciting company advancements, growth in transforming the food system, and creating more of an impact then ever before! While each day in our fourth year as a company brought about new challenges, customers, and inspirations, we are proud to end the year with decisions and experiences that put the mission of FoodMaven at the forefront.   

Here are just a few of our favorite moments from 2019! 

Acquiring Anderson Boneless Beef

We started 2019 by acquiring Anderson Boneless Beef! Founded in 1979, Anderson Beef continues to distribute custom, fresh beef products in Colorado. Throughout the year we were able to provide high-quality products to our customers that builds the local food community while making an impact on the environment.

Teaming Up with Hilton

This year we were excited to announce our partnership with Hilton in order to increase sustainability and promote access to local farmers in the hospitality industry. Hilton’s goal is to cut their environmental impact in half by 2030. One way they are achieving that is by serving local, overproduced, and out-of-spec food to consumers while sharing the story of where their food came from.

Closing Series B Funding

As 2019 started coming to a close we began looking forward to 2020 in closing $15.3M in Series B Funding! “We’re excited to have incredible investors that share our mission of making sure all food is used with good purpose. This funding will allow us to prove out the FoodMaven model in new markets and continue to grow here in Colorado,” said CEO, Ben Deda. 

Dining with Our Neighbors

In an effort to  raise awareness about hunger in the Denver community and the food waste crisis,  FoodMaven  worked with the Volunteers of America, Colorado Branch to serve a special meal  to their clients. Critically acclaimed  Chef Tim Ma and Chef Rich Anderson, Associate Division Director and Head Chef at VOA Colorado, curated and served a delicious meal to inspire conversation and dignity. Many of the ingredients on the menu were unique because they were products that would have otherwise been wasted due to oversupply. 

Preparing for Dallas-Fort Worth

Excited to prove that capturing lost food and generating revenue for suppliers who are unable to sell certain products, we are preparing to bring our business model to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in early 2020. 

Celebrating Our Impact

The numbers are in and we could not be prouder of the impact our customers made in 2019! We truly believe in transforming the food system so all food is used with good purpose and we couldn’t have done it without all of our suppliers, customers, and partners.