Transitional All-Purpose Flour

Supporting Our Farmers’ Transition to Organic


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What is Transitional All-Purpose Flour?

Before their products can be certified organic, farmers must grow crops on soil with no USDA prohibited substances for three full years. Transitional Flour is made from wheat grown during that three-year period. Think of it as "organic in training."

Transitioning to an organic farm is extremely challenging to farmers - only about 1% of farms in the U.S. are certified as organic.

Farmers often endure financial insecurity during this time because they are investing more in their land but can’t sell their products as organic.

This is where Ardent Mills, FoodMaven, and you come in! You can support hardworking farmers with every bag of Transitional All-Purpose Flour you buy.

Our friends at Ardent Mills are dedicated to working with farmers and supporting their transition to organic through subsidies, educational resources, and creating markets for their high-quality products. We are the proud exclusive carrier of Ardent Mill’s Transitional All-Purpose Flour, a completely unique, quality non-GMO flour produced without bromates, bleach, or enrichments.

We like to say it’s like giving a farmer a hug when you buy Ardent Mills Transitional All-Purpose Flour! Each batch of pizza dough you make or cookie you eat directly affects families of farmers who are tirelessly working to positively impact our environment and produce better ingredients for us.

A Bag of Flour Like No Other
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Just like organic, but at a fraction of the cost.


A non-GMO grain produced without bleach, bromates, and enrichments.

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How can I purchase Transitional All-Purpose Flour for my restaurant or institutional kitchen?

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I'm a chef of food service buyer outside of Colorado or Dallas-Fort Worth, can I still purchase this item?

Yes! Sign up with our buyer form here. There is a one pallet minimum order quantity and you must pay for drop shipping charges from the manufacturer.

How do I purchase this item if I'm not a food service buyer or chef?

Unfortunately this product is not available for the general public. However, we encourage you to support our farmers by shopping local and buying transitional products as often as possible.