July 21, 2020
Blog Post

Pay it Forward Challenge

So far in 2020, the world looks a little different, while so many are facing challenges as a result of COVID-19. Recently, Christina Ortiz Bluth CEO of indieDwell, a company building sustainable housing in Boise, Idaho, challenged us to Pay it Forward.  

Inspired by our suppliers, customers, and non-profit partners who are working hard during this time to continue to feed our community, we wanted to use food as a way to show our support. Our partners at The Place, focused on igniting the potential in youth to surpass homelessness and create fulfilled lives, in Colorado Springs have been working hard to support the vulnerable in our communities, now more than ever before.  

Last week, FoodMaven CEO Ben Deda and Megan Cornish, VP of External Affairs, showed up at The Place to surprise their staff with an act of kindness. We dropped off enough restaurant-quality Ribeye and Short Ribs to feed their teenagers for a week! Additionally, we pulled in our friend Adam Branz, chef at Ultreia in Denver, to craft some delicious recipes to save their staff time. Also, to show our thanks to their dedicated staff, we purchased giftcards to pass out.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community with simple actions that make a big difference. Next, we challenge Joe Thurman, CEO at InterviewIA,  to Pay it Forward. Our team can’t wait to safely return to The Place, where we volunteer to cook dinner once a week, and to see how the Pay it Forward challenge continues!