June 2, 2020
Blog Post

Disruptions to the Food Supply Chains

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen a massive shift in demand. While grocery store shelves still aren’t full, producers are struggling to find new buyers. As part of the Aspen Institute’s Innovators In: A Virtual Exchange of Ideas, FoodMaven CEO Ben Deda and Derrick Hoffman, our partner at Hoffman Farms, spoke to how producers, consumers, and retailers are responding to the current disruptions in the supply chain.  

Derrick shared with the audience how the growing season is determined months in advance and the challenges of pivoting strategies once COVID-19 hit. A large number of Hoffman Farm’s foodservice customer base immediately slowed down buying. However, they saw a large increase in interest from consumers and other institutions, including non-profits, who were looking for local ingredients.  

Later on in the interview, Ben explained how our food system has been developed to optimize for predictable volume through predictable channels. In a time like COVID-19, the supply chain is struggling to react to meet the current supply and demand needs. At FoodMaven, Ben discussed how we’re continuing to transform the food system through agility to create a stronger supply chain for the future.